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Your Daily 5 Breaths

Correct breathing is the key to getting better results in your workouts — without killing yourself.

Correct breathing is part of the work we focus on in all of the workouts at Live Life Moving. When you are able to breathe FULLY, your body naturally stabilizes itself so you can work with better range and alignment.  This translates into better results in less time.

Breathing correctly helps to balance the body and provides these daily benefits:

Benefits of Breathing -More Energy, reduced stress, stronger core

Why practice daily?

The more you feel at ease with correct breathing, the easier it will be to incorporate while working out and in your daily activities. Like any skill, it takes some repetition in order to become efficient.

Watch this video on how to practice correct breathing:

In order to breath to the best of our ability, the muscles in your torso have to be balanced:

1. Tight muscles around the shoulders and in the front of the chest need to relax

2. We need to consciously engage the muscles that expand and contract the ribs.

When you are breathing correctly, you intrinsic core muscles will work automatically without you having to try too hard. When your intrinsic core muscles are working correctly, every activity becomes more efficient – from lifting weights to sitting longer at your desk without pain.

5 conscious precise breaths from your rib cage using these basic breathing muscles:

Keeping it simple, focus on these muscles to help you breathe

When doing your Daily 5 Breaths focus on the following:

On the Inhale:

  1. Inhale through the nose

  2. As you inhale, feel the sides and back of the ribs expanding

  3. Make sure your neck, throat and shoulders are relaxed

  4. Relax your Belly

On the Exhale:

  1. Exhale through the nose or mouth

  2. Feel the rib cage contract inward

  3. Most importantly – Fully Exhale until you HAVE to inhale.

How to incorporate your new 5 Breaths a Day Habit

Do you drive to work? Make your 5 breaths part of your morning drive when you sit into the driver seat. You can use the bucket seat to feel your back and side ribs expand into.

What other daily routines could you attach your new habit to?

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