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Improve Your Balance WITHOUT Standing on One Leg!

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Are you trying to work on your balance at home but are frustrated by not seeming to improve? If you are just trying to practice standing on one leg…you may be trying to hard!

In this video series, we give you tips on improving your balance with research-based exercises….and all without (necessarily) standing on one leg!

You’ll learn how to progress your exercises in a way that leaves you confident and helps you get the results you need……less risk of falling!

Introduction on How To Improve Your Balance

Learn how to gauge if the balance exercises you choose are the right intensity to get you results.

Balance Training Tip #1

Learn how simply changing your foot position will help progress your balance training.

Balance Tip: Distraction

Here’s a little trick to help fool your mind into better balance!

Balance Training Tip #2: Change Your Focus

Learn how to strengthen the part of your balance system that uses your vision.

Balance Training Tip #3: Trainer-assisted Techniques

In this video, we show you more advanced balance training techniques that require the help of another person as we challenged the vestibular or inner ear system

Interested in improving your balance with the help of a trainer?

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