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About the Pilates Method

At the foundation of Live Life Moving's exercise programming is the Pilates method, also known as "Contrology".

"Contrology is the complete coordination of body, mind & spirit.  Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit."  

Joseph Pilates~Return to Life Through Contrology~ 

There is a common misconception that Pilates is simply core exercise and stretching. While these are important elements of the Pilates method, Joseph Pilates created a method of exercise that addresses all the necessary components of fitness and well-being, far ahead of his time!

The current top personal training certifying organizations such as A.C.E. (American Council of Exercise) and NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) have developed systems that address the same aspects of fitness that Joseph Pilates addressed in the method he created in the early 20th century!

Joseph Pilates created exercises and equipment to specifically address the following:

  • Develop the Body UNIFORMLY - Exercise should balance the body by combining elements of stretch, strength, stamina and stability in every workout and exercises.

  • Correct Wrong Postures - the exercises and equipment used are brilliantly designed to address postural imbalances and increase spine health.

  • Improve Breathing - Each exercise helps facilitate improved breathing.

  • Invigorate and Engage the Mind - By teaching attention to precision of movement and control, the mind is engaged in movement which can help improve brain function, improve coordination and enhance body awareness.

  • Elevate the Spirit - Through practicing his method and mastering these techniques, we achieve, as he put it "a zest for life"!


Our Equipment

Authentic Pilates method training involves more than just the more popular Reformer.  Each piece helps you undertand the method in a different way and addresses your individual needs.  We offer classical based Pilates method training using  the following equipment made by Gratz, Pilates by Design (Basil) and Peak Pilates:

  • Reformer/Tower Combos (Basil and Peak)

  • Wunda Chair (Gratz)

  • High Chair/Wunda Chair Combo (Basil)

  • Baby Arm Chair (Gratz)

  • Ped-0-Pul (Gratz)

  • Ladder Barrel, Spine Correctors and Small Barrels (Gratz, Peak)

We also incorporate the use of smaller props such as bands, magic circles, foam rollers and franklin balls.

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