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Group of active adults doing stretches on Pilates equipment

A Studio Designed Specifically for YOU

Here's how our core values help us create a personalized training program for active adults

Listening to clients is the first step in great coaching

What we DO: We listen to what clients like and need and design personalized training programs each client.

What we DON’T DO: Stick to a workout plan that isn’t working for the client - either due to lack of enjoyment OR results.

Quality Movement is more important than “making it burn”

What we DO: Help clients learn to move correctly and with control, which then gets you results in less time and less struggle

What we DON’T DO: Force clients into vigorous exercises to for the sake of "killing it like a rockstar", even if it puts them at risk of injury

Embracing your Age is better than Defying Your Age

What we DO: Utilize training methods that adapt to your current needs, abilities and lifestyle.

What we DON'T DO: Force you into exercises popular with younger clients under the guise of "Age is Just a Number". When trainers do this, it increases risk of injury which could set you back rather than help you sustain your fitness.

Fitness training should ENHANCE your life, not take over your life!

What we DO: We create efficient programs that enhance what you enjoy in life


What we DON’T DO: Force clients into programs that make them sacrifice everything they love to do

Friends in Nature

We believe when people feel confident physically and emotionally, they can help make the world a better place.

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