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Assessing your lower body strength and fall risk with CDC's Sit to Stand Test

Are you wondering HOW you should know if you are at risk for falls? While some personal trainers may put you through push up tests, plank tests or pull up tests to assess your strength, we know that they are painful and annoying and worse..not applicable to the skills you really need as an adult over 50! A major concern for our active aging clients is falling.

One assessment we use at Live Life Moving is the 30 second sit to stand assessment. This assessment helps you gauge your fall risk and lower body strength and mobility.

IMPORTANT: If you are concerned about falling, please place the chair against a wall AND have a person standing next to you to help if needed! OR schedule a consult with us to help

You can watch the following video for instructions or follow the instructions below.

Purpose: To test leg strength and endurance

Equipment: A chair with a straight back without arm rests (seat 17” high) set against a wall if possible and check for sliding on the floor), and a stopwatch or use the video counter below.

  1. Sit in the middle of the chair.

  2. Place your hands on the opposite shoulder crossed, at the wrists.

  3. Keep your feet flat on the floor.

  4. Keep your back straight, and keep your arms against your chest.

  5. On “Go,” rise to a full standing position, then sit back down again.

  6. Repeat this for 30 seconds.

  7. On the word “Go,” begin timing.

  8. If the you must use your arms to stand, stop the test. Record “0” for the number and score.

  9. Count the number of times you come to a full standing position in 30 seconds. If the you are over halfway to a standing position when 30 seconds have elapsed, count it as a stand.

  10. Record the number of times the patient stands in 30 seconds.

Scoring - Below number indicates risk for falls





​< 14

​< 12


​< 12

​< 11


​< 12

​< 10


​< 11

​< 10


​< 10

​< 9


​< 8

​< 8


​< 7

​< 4

30 Second Video Timer - includes a 5 second countdown

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