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What’s the Worst That Could Happen? Weighing Your Options Toward Habit Change

You’re starting to weigh your options regarding a habit change; take a second to reflect a little. Why do you want to change said habit? There are dozens, if not hundreds, of reasons that may come to mind.

Visualize Your New Life

Now, imagine accomplishing your goal. What would your life look like if this happened? On the other hand, what would happen if you didn’t accomplish this goal? Would you be a happier person if you accomplished your goal – would things change in your life?

Identify the Pros and Cons of the Change

Make a list, mentally or on paper, of what’s the worst versus the best that could happen once you’ve changed your habits. Think of all of the aspects and details surrounding your habit change; from finances to time, what would devoting your energy to this goal mean for you?

What’s At Stake?

Finally, what’s at stake if you don’t accomplish this goal? Imagine the worst that will happen if your goal is not met. Identify that fear – how realistic is it? Well, would you be surprised to hear that 85% of what we fear never actually happens? This figure was taken from a real study conducted by Dr. Robert Leahy, author of The Worry Cure.

Take that into consideration when you’re weighing your fears surrounding your goal for change. This is so important since more than half of what we fear is unfounded! Instead, it’s better to have hope for a positive change in the future and transform that into willpower. When you do this exercise, let yourself dream and hope a little for what could happen in the future. You might find yourself ready to take that next important step toward change.

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