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3 Ways to Get Fit and Feel Fit by Memorial Day!

I know! You had really good intentions of getting summer fit back in January…then in April you realized you only had 2 months until the beach, BBQ’s and pool parties…and now, you are looking at 3 weeks until Memorial Day and you still haven’t met that goal! You don’t even think you can get the energy up for another cleanse or intense bootcamp!

I promise you can still feel better by summer!

Although you may not have lost that belly or sculpted the ultimate summer shoulders by now, you can still enjoy the summer because of how you’ll feel simply living a healthier lifestyle.

Here are a few healthy tips to help transform how you feel FAST:

1. Ditch the Processed Foods – Eat Food Only In It’s Original Form

You can feel light and more energetic quickly by simply avoiding processed foods in your diet. This way you can ensure you get nutrient dense food and avoid the extra sugar and sodium found in processed foods that can make you feel bloated.

Ditch anything in a package or not in its original form. And this can go beyond “junk food”.  For instance, instead of toast in the morning have steel cut oatmeal. Load up on veggies and lean meats. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll feel leaner and lighter!  Some people also finding avoiding dairy and grains all together will help them feel less puffy and more energized.

You don’t have to completely strict to feel results..just shoot for 85% of your daily intake to be whole foods.

2. Up Your Strength Training

Don’t just do cardio for weight loss!! Implementing at least 2 full body strength training session per week will help you feel tighter and help burn body fat. Combined with a sensible low fat diet, strength training is essential for helping the body burn fat AND it makes you FEEL tighter and strong from the inside out.

Usually, 2 – 3 full body strength training sessions per week will get you results. You need at to rest your muscles at least 48 hours before training each muscle group again.

Any type of resistance training will do, as long as you are reaching fatigue within 12-15 reps. Bodyweight, kettlebells, resistance bands, you name it!  Just be sure you are using your large muscle groups – chest, glutes, back and legs.  Avoid training ONLY the small muscles like arms and abs.  You’ll get more bang for your buck if you train those larger muscle groups.

Check out this mini at home workout you can do yourself!  All you need is your body and a bench!

Low Impact Strength Circuit

High Intensity Strength Circuit

3. Be Realistic About Your Goals – Focus on creating Healthy Habits not Weight Loss

Let’s face it, losing 10 lbs in 3 weeks is incredibly difficult, not to mention unhealthy.  The amount of discomfort and disruption to your life will probably end up making you binge, resulting in going back to the same unhealthy place you were to begin with.

So instead of focusing on the weight loss, focus on implementing habits that immediately change how your body and mind FEEL.  Once your mind identifies how good it feels to establish succeed at creating a habit, you will be able to commit even more to your health and fitness plan and get even better results than you thought possible.

Need Help Creating a Plan?  Contact Aaron and book a one-on-one coaching session!

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