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Our Personal Trainers are trained to Coach Adults 50+

If you’re 50+ and frustrated that your trainer is programming for you like you’re 20 you’re not alone…

“My current trainer seems to be training me like I’m a 20 year old. I’m not sure they are mature enough to understand what someone my age really needs…plus I’m in pain and I don’t look forward to a lot of our sessions!”

We created Live Life Moving to solve this problem with our method of training adults over 50 for a long and active life:

Part 1: We use authentic Pilates equipment training designed to support your body so you can improve mobility, flexibility and core strength (it also feels like a massage!)

Part 2: Once you are mobile and confident, we integrate functional strength training designed specifically for the older adult, focusing on movement of daily activities you’ll master to enjoy things like traveling or playing with your grand children

Part 3: Our coaches are trained to LISTEN first! They have a huge library of exercises and

will find the right ones that you’ll like so that you can stick with your program and live an active life. Our trainers also have life experience so they can meet you where you’re at.

Ready to start making progress with a program specific to your needs (and age) - Contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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