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5 ways to discover investing

The onslaught of coronavirus has been ruinous to the global economy. But some are seeing this cloud of uncertainty through an opportunistic eye, including me. In light of the market’s volatility, I’ve been spending a lot more time reading up on financial trends, terminology and general teachings. Regardless of what may or may not happen, I believe now is a great time to learn more about investing.  S&P’s Global Financial Literacy Survey found that overall financial literacy is low around the world, and that risk diversification is one of the least understood concepts, a particularly relevant topic in today’s economic climate. And this divide is unevenly distributed across gender, social class and race. I reached out to my friend Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen, the cofounder of Denmark’s Female Invest and a 2020 Forbes 30 under 30 recipient, to share some of her recommended resources to help get a balanced view of the financial landscape.  Related: 4 Fun Ways for Millennials to Dip Their Toes Into Investing Invest Like the Best is a podcast hosted by Patrick O’Shaughnessy, CEO of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management. The podcast (and website) says it is an “ongoing investigation into stocks, markets, investing strategies, and ways of thinking.” Why I like it: The host launched his career in finance during the 2008 global financial crisis, a particularly challenging time to get into investing. But in light of the current situation, O’Shaughnessy breaks down very relevant perspectives, strategies and advice on approaching today’s stock market and diversifying risk, while preparing for an upswing.  Morningstar is widely regarded as one of the financial industry’s leading independent research companies for mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Its comprehensive teaching platform is designed to introduce both new and experienced investors to strategies for analyzing and evaluating the financial health of companies for prospective purchases.  Why I like it: For those interested in long-term strategies based on underlying economic fundamentals, this is a fantastic course hosted by a prestigious financial institution. The lessons are easy to follow, and the language is easy to understand. —

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