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LIVE LIFE MOVING, a fitness studio helping Baby Boomers live an active, enjoyable life, opens in Sou

(South Pasadena, FL – June 2021) LIVE LIFE MOVING, a fitness studio specializing in helping Baby Boomers and older adults live an active, enjoyable life, opens in South Pasadena. Originally a highly regarded studio in New Jersey, owner and now St. Pete local, Aaron Ellis, is excited to bring his unique concept to the residents of St. Petersburg.

Ellis states his studio provides a much-needed option for the Baby Boomer and older demographic – a group whose unique fitness needs are underserved and ignored by current offerings.

“Gyms and boutiques still push a “no pain – no gain” mentality emphasizing fitting in and keeping up,” says Ellis, an active aging adult himself. Programming and marketing images further support this which he says intimidates people from getting started.

“Live Life Moving provides the alternative,” states Ellis. “We prioritize learning to move well over making it burn.” Ellis has curated a unique blend of programming that meets the specific needs of older adults who want to stay active. Expert coaches provide personal attention, either privately or in groups no larger than six, and they create a comfortable, supportive environment which eases intimidation.

Live Life Moving’s low-impact programming includes authentic Pilates equipment training, functional strength training, and indoor cycling. Ellis explains using the Pilates equipment in the authentic way provides full body support to help clients learn to breath properly while improving mobility, stability and posture Functional strength programming focuses on training clients to master movements they use in everyday activities as well as improve their balance. Indoor cycling helps clients train their heart and lungs without joint stress. Additionally, Ellis also coaches clients how to adopt lasting healthy habits using the most current techniques in behavior change science.

“We believe fitness training should enhance your life, not overtake it,” asserts Ellis.

Ellis is excited to get involved in the local community, meet the residents, and show how LLM can help anyone lead an active life. He is offering free private consultations by appointment or during LLM’s “Drop-in Hours” Saturday, July 10th 10:30 am – 2:30 pm.

The studio is conveniently located at 1393 S. Pasadena Drive.


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