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How to Cope with Holiday Stress

The holiday season is upon us – bringing opportunities to get together with loved ones, give that special gift or take time away from work. The late night parties, cleaning up after a fun and festive holiday dinner, gift shopping, holiday traffic, etc. can sometimes cause stress. How can you detach, relax and keep focused on enjoying the holidays? Here are some easy tips to help you enjoy and appreciate the holidays and your time with loved ones:

  1. Take time to meditate – whether you can fit in two minutes or ten – find a quiet space and take time to remove yourself from everything – close your eyes and clear your mind of everything for a few moments.

  2. Make sure you breathe! On a longer than usual line at the store due to the holidays? Take advantage of this extra time to focus practicing your breath and breathing techniques (not only will you feel calmer but it will help enhance your workouts). Click here to watch Aaron’s recent video on the five daily breaths.

  3. Make time for yourself to exercise and “recharge your batteries” – if your regular routine is disrupted and you can’t make it to cycling – take a short walk if you can. Or try something new and adjust your schedule – if you’re shopping or cooking in the morning, try an evening or afternoon class. Click here for LiveLifeMoving’s current class schedule. Don’t worry if you can’t keep your normal workout routine – it’s just temporary.

  4. Savor all of the little things that make you happy –whether it’s time with close friends or walking your dog.

  5. Get plenty of rest

  6. Enjoy the season!

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