Ability Not Age article

Age doesn’t define you – it’s only a number. Great read on choosing appropriate exercise for older adults. Ability, not age, should be the only factor determining what exercise you do https://bit.ly/3klqr0J 

Top Strategies for Optimal Recovery Between Workouts

Compression, myofascial release, heat, cold, massage, sleep…which one is best for your essential post workout recovery? Studies have shown massage (alternatively myofascial release) to be one of the most effective tools. Can’t manage a massage after every workout? Give yourself...

AARP Music and Brain Health

Turns out listening to music can help your brain age better. Exercising to music is a great way to do this. Join us for livestream Cycling classes at LLM. Get more information here: https://bit.ly/2Dr6TIx 

Swan Variation with Band Tips

Executing spinal extension correctly is actually quite hard. Check out this great tip. Using a resistance band or tube will help you find and keep your connection. Part of the September 2020 Livestream LLM Strength workouts. Join us for live...

Saw Prep with Band

Feel the twist from the right place when and find your connection in Saw from the Pilates Mat repertoire by using a resistance tube or band. Part of our September 2020 Livestream LLM Strength workout. Join us for live coaching...

Spine Stretch Forward with Band

Great tip on using a resistance band or tube to feel the work in Spine Stretch from the Pilates Mat repertoire. Part of the September 2020 Livestream LLM Strength Training Workout. Join us live for real-time coaching Tuesdays and Thursdays...

Push Point Cycle Tip

Want to increase the effectiveness of your indoor cycle workout?  You need to find your push point! Aaron explains the push point in cycling and how knowing it helps you pedal with more power.