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What is FTP (or how do you know how to cycle at the right intensity)

Have you tried a cycling class and wondered "How do I know I'm working at the right intensity" and before you know it you are ready to pass out on the floor?

With Watts Based Training - You know how to use the right intensity, for the right time, for the right results.

Using our bike's Power meters along with your FTP (Functional Threshold Power) number helps you ensure you are working at the right intensity for the right results!

Similar to Heart Rate Training, Watts Based Cycling Allows You to Know Your Power Output and Personalize Your Workout

Watts based cycling, or power based cycling uses the bike's power meter to track the amount of power you create while cycling. Using this information, you can customize your ride to YOUR own fitness level and track your progress by watching your ability to create more watts!

Using Your Personal Power Zones (Your FTP), we create achievable yet challenging workouts backed by exercise science.

Your FTP number represents the amount of Watts you can sustain for 60 minutes. Researches developed this method to target different training zones on your body, all based on a percentage of your FTP. Each zone determines where your body gets its energy from (oxygen or energy "on-the-fly") and puts you in the right zone for the right training effect.

How do I know what my FTP is?

In Studio Testing

There are several ways to test your FTP. The most common is a time interval based assessment. We use a 5 minute or 20 minute assessment using the Keiser M3I Indoor Cycling app. The app measures your output during the assessment, then performs a calculation which gives you a personal FTP result.

Generalized Chart based on gender, age, weight and activity level

If you haven't taken a test yet, you can use the charts below to find an ftp that fits your age, gender, weight and activity level. While these aren't as personal as an actual test, they help you start working with this number.

These are generic metrics. We do an actual FTP test in class every 8-12 weeks so you can see be sure your number is up to date!

Select Your Gender, then the approximate hours of cycling per week you do to help determine your base line.

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