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Carolina Alcantara

Pilates Coach


Peak Pilates

Growing up in Curitiba, Brazil, Carolina developed a passion for the art of body movement through ballet and jazz at a very young age. At 17, a mild case of arthritis led her doctor to recommend Pilates, which she initially enjoyed but had to pause to focus on her college studies.

In 2006, Carolina moved to the United States to pursue the “American Dream.” She supported herself by starting a small cleaning business, which proved physically demanding and began to take a toll on her body. Determined to reinvent herself, Carolina pursued a Nursing Assistant certification, becoming a C.N.A. While working with elderly patients, she found immense joy in helping them move their bodies, despite the physical strain it caused her.

By 2013, Carolina felt the need for a low-impact physical activity to strengthen and stretch her body. Rediscovering Pilates, she began taking classes weekly and quickly noticed improvements in her back and knee health. Fascinated by the benefits of Pilates, she was inspired by Joseph Pilates' book "Return to Life - through Contrology" and envisioned herself as a Pilates teacher.

Completing a comprehensive 650-hour training program and teaching over 500 students in the past 10 years, Carolina has become a knowledgeable, caring, and experienced instructor. She continuously enhances her expertise through workshops and lessons with accomplished teachers worldwide. Carolina is dedicated to sharing the work of Joseph Pilates, believing that Pilates is for everyone. It strengthens and lengthens the body while helping students find their balance.

“I am a very enthusiastic teacher, constantly seeking more knowledge and studying the Joseph Pilates Method. I practice and feel the movements in my body to effectively pass on this knowledge to my students. One of the joys of my work is witnessing my students increase their body awareness, minimize future injuries, and often heal existing ones through regular Pilates practice.

With my extensive experience in observing and teaching body movement, let me help you learn an effective method to move efficiently, safely, and painlessly.

"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness." – Joseph Pilates

Carolina Alcantara
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