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Low-Stress Fitness for a Highly Enjoyable Life Book a FREE Consultation Now!
No-Stress Fitness for a Highly Enjoyable Life Book a FREE Consultation Now!
No-Stress Fitness for a Highly Enjoyable Life Book a FREE Consultation Today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be “in-shape” to workout with you?
No! We specialize in (and LOVE) helping people find the right movements for their body and experience. We help you keep at a pace that will keep you feeling successful rather than defeated or "having to keep up". We find the right balance of confidence and challenge to keep each person engaged in their progress!
I’m new or returning to exercise. Are your group classes good for me?
Yes! However we recommend you start with our Introductory Private Package. We have found better success when clients who are new get some one on one attention so the coaches know how best to help them in a group session. These private sessions help us get to know your goals and any injuries or preferences so we can be sure we can progress you in a pace that's right for you. Also, many of our classes are small in size so they ensure we can coach you individually.
Why are you more expensive than other gyms or studios?
We understand our rates may be a little more expensive than belonging to a gym or big studio. We keep things personal by limiting the number of people in class. This allows us to give you immediate feedback so you feel successful and will want to keep coming back. We also have master teacher level training in various aspects of fitness, allowing us to give you the program that works for many conditions that develop as we get older or are coming back from injury. Not only do we have technical experience, but we have LIFE experience as well. We are on the other side of 50 and understand YOU. We understand where your values and priorities are....to live a highly enjoyable life. You will never be left in the dark or lost in the crowd. This can lead to frustration and eventually, you'll stop maintaining your program. We be sure each client is heard, seen and nurtured.
Can 2 people from the same household use 1 pass for a Zoom?
No. Each person taking a session, whether live or via zoom, must purchase a pass. Our coaches closely watch each person to be sure they can give them the right feedback at the right time. We do not run classes where the coach only takes you through the moves...our sessions are designed to be customized so each person gets what they need out of each session. For best results in a zoom session, each person should use their own device so the camera is exclusively on them...this helps the coach give the best feedback.
What Should I Wear?
Wear any clothes that you can move in and feel comfortable. When doing Pilates, we do prefer you go barefoot or use grip socks, no loose socks.