Personal Training Designed to
Help You Thrive after 55!

Get Stronger

Improve Balance

Increase Stamina

Are You Struggling to Have an Active Life?

Do you lack physical stamina
to do the things you love, like traveling or playing with your grand children.

Are you dependent on others
 to help with everyday tasks like taking care of your home.

Do back aches and joint pains
keep you from going out and being social with your friends.

Does fear of falling stop you
from going out in bad weather or taking enjoyable walks.

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Live Life Moving® delivers the best personal fitness training created specifically for adults over 50, focusing on reducing pain, increasing mobility and strength for everyday activities.


Our smart and safe combination of Pilates, Functional Personal Training and indoor cycling keeps you fit for life!

Here's How We Help


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Mobility and Control

Authentic Pilates Training is the foundation of flexibility, mobility and core strength to restore pain-free movement


Strength and Balance

Using current functional movement training techniques, we help build strength and improve balance for everyday activities


Stamina and Power

The best low-impact way to increase your cardio-vascular endurance, self-regulated to keep you at an intensity that is right for you.

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Healthy Habits

We help you find new habits that fit with your lifestyle...we know you don't want to sacrifice a good time!

Personal trainers who understand where you are in life's journey...

Our trainers are chosen not just for years of training expertise, but also for years of LIFE experience. They understand how priorities change over the years and help guide you to a happier life by listening to what you need.

Aaron Ellis

Aaron Ellis


Amy Howell

Amy Howell


Kurt Gesteland

Kurt Gesteland

Head Trainer, Staff Director

Cheryl Costello

Cheryl Costello


Our Certifications and
Continuing Education Resources

We are dedicated to keeping our trainers skilled in the most current research for training adults 50+. FAI (Functional Aging Institute) and TOA (Training the Older Adult) are both companies that provide personal training education and programming specifically for adults 50+.  Click on a logo to find out more about each company.  You'll find the quality outstanding.

3 Simple Steps to Get Started

Schedule an Initial Consultation.
We'll get to know you better and help you choose a program that's right for you. We’ll go over pricing and plans based on your needs.

Step 1

Assess and Create a Plan
Meet privately with a coach to assess and create a plan that meets your needs and goals.

Step 2

Get Moving!
With the personalized attention of your coach, we'll give you the exercises perfect for you and help you progress to reach your goals.

Step 3

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"I can travel and hike with my family again!"

"Live Life Moving has been a God send to me. Having completed physical therapy after knee replacement surgery, I didn't know what to do to keep moving. I also struggle with an age related loss of balance. Aaron really listened to me when I told him of my concerns and developed a program that works great for me."

- Debbie B.

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"I learned how to exercise the right way for ME."

"I have trained with Aaron and Kurt for several years, and they are both amazing trainers. I have learned new things and my training has improved my overall well being. I highly recommend them both as trainers (and as people!)."

- Andrew N.

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My balance has improved!

"Just returned from walking the length of the boardwalk and back, ALMOST slipped a dozen times….
Thanks to your balance training,  I made a full recovery each time. Zero falls…The only time I was on the ground is when I made my snow angel!"

- Lorraine P.

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