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Intelligent Personal Training  for A Happy and Active Life!

Move Pain-Free

Improve Balance

Increase Stamina

Are You Struggling to Have an Active Life?

Do you lack physical stamina
to do the things you love, like traveling or playing with your grand children.

Are you dependent on others
 to help with everyday tasks like taking care of your home.

Do back aches and joint pains
keep you from going out and being social with your friends.

Does fear of falling stop you
from going out in bad weather or taking enjoyable walks.

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Live Life Moving® delivers the best personal fitness training and authentic Pilates method training created specifically for adults over 50, focusing on reducing pain, increasing mobility and strength for everyday activities.


Our smart and safe combination of Pilates, Functional Personal Training and indoor cycling keeps you fit for life!

Here's How We Help


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You'll Restore
Your Mobility

We start by using Pilates equipment to help restore your movement patterns and get you moving without pain.


You'll Improve Your
Strength and Balance

Once you’re moving confidently, we teach you strength and balance exercises designed specifically for adults 55+.

You'll Increase
Your Stamina

Through circuit training and even indoor cycling, we help you do your favorite activities longer and with more zest!

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You'll Stick to
Healthy Habits

Through habit change coaching, we’ll help you maintain healthy habits without taking away the things you enjoy.