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Personal Trainer, Pilates, Indoor Cycling for Active Adults in St Petersburg, Gulfport, South Pasadena, St Pete Beach, Tierre Verde

Intelligent Personal Training for  Adults 50+
Pilates - Personal Training - Indoor Cycling

Increase Strength

Improve Balance

Increase Stamina

Are You Ready for an Active Life?

Do you have the physical stamina and power to do the things you love?
Traveling or playing with your grand children.

Are you looking to get MORE fit in LESS time without crazy workouts?

Do back aches and joint pains make you worry you won't be able to enjoy life?

Do you want to maintain balance to avoid falls?

Active Adult female playing pickleball and tennis

Live Life Moving® delivers the best private Pilates personal training and Smart Cycling training created specifically for adults over 50, teaching you to adapt to life's changes keeping you strong, mobile and happy.


Our smart and safe combination of Pilates, Functional Personal Training and indoor cycling keeps you fit for life!

Here's How We Help


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Active Adult Female doing Pilates with a Personal Trainer

You'll Restore
Your Mobility

We start by using Pilates equipment to help restore your movement patterns and get you moving without pain.

Group of adults working out with a personal trainer for strength training and Pilates

You'll Improve Your
Strength and Balance

Re-gain and sustain your strength and balance with researched backed personal training for active adults.

Indoor Cycling Personalized using Wattage and Power Meter

You'll Increase
Your Stamina

Our low impact, self-regulated indoor cycling helps  you do your favorite activities longer and with more zest!

create healthy habits that fit your lifestyle

You'll Stick to
Healthy Habits

Through habit change coaching, we’ll help you maintain healthy habits without taking away the things you enjoy.

Our Services

Small Group Personal Training with Pilates and free weights

classical pilates,
Personal training
in-studio or zoom

Whether 1 on 1 or in a small group, we customize everyone's workout to fit their needs.  Pilates traininng or our signature fusion of Pilates and functional weight training, all designed specifically for folks 50+.

Personalized Indoor Cycling classes with expert cycliing coaches

Indoor cycling

Our indoor cycling program is the only one of it's kind in the area.  We use technology and expert coaching to help ANYONE be a successful rider.  We keep it low-impact, self regulated and goal oriented.  Small groups allow us to coach each rider individually so you are always working at yoru best.

6 Week Healthy Habit Change Programs

Health coaching

"I know what to do, I just can't seem to do it!"

Our health coaching program puts you in the driver seat with the guidance and accoutability of a coach. Together, we work on creating healthy habits that you can maintain the rest of your life using the most current research in behavior change.

Read More >

Your Coaches

Personal trainers who understand where you are in life's journey...

Our trainers are chosen not just for years of training expertise, but also for years of LIFE experience. They understand how priorities change over the years and help guide you to a happier life by listening to what you need.

Aaron Ellis

Aaron Ellis


Bill Palmer

Bill Palmer


Cheryl Costello

Cheryl Costello

Trainer/Corrective Exercise Specialist

RandieBeth Elley

RandieBeth Elley


Carolina Alcantara

Carolina Alcantara

Pilates Coach

Our Certifications and
Continuing Education Resources

We are dedicated to keeping our trainers skilled in the most current research for training adults 50+. FAI (Functional Aging Institute) and TOA (Training the Older Adult) are both companies that provide personal training education and programming specifically for adults 50+.  Click on a logo to find out more about each company.  You'll find the quality outstanding.

3 Simple Steps to Get Started

Schedule an Initial Consultation.
We'll get to know you better and help you choose a program that's right for you. We’ll go over pricing and plans based on your needs.

Step 1

Assess and Create a Plan
Meet privately with a coach to assess and create a plan that meets your needs and goals.

Step 2

Get Moving!
With the personalized attention of your coach, we'll give you the exercises perfect for you and help you progress to reach your goals.

Step 3

Happy Client Testimonial, women in her 60's gets stronger after knee replacement

"I can travel and hike with my family again!"

"Live Life Moving has been a God send to me. Having completed physical therapy after knee replacement surgery, I didn't know what to do to keep moving. I also struggle with an age related loss of balance. Aaron really listened to me when I told him of my concerns and developed a program that works great for me."

- Debbie B.

Men in their 60's personal training to get stronger for a long life

"I learned how to exercise the right way for ME."

"I have trained with Aaron and Kurt for several years, and they are both amazing trainers. I have learned new things and my training has improved my overall well being. I highly recommend them both as trainers (and as people!)."

- Andrew N.

New grandmother gains better balance and strength

My balance has improved!

"Just returned from walking the length of the boardwalk and back, ALMOST slipped a dozen times….
Thanks to your balance training,  I made a full recovery each time. Zero falls…The only time I was on the ground is when I made my snow angel!"

- Lorraine P.

  • Do I need to be “in-shape” to workout with you?
    No! We specialize in (and LOVE) helping people find the right movements for their body and experience. We help you keep at a pace that will keep you feeling successful rather than defeated or "having to keep up". We find the right balance of confidence and challenge to keep each person engaged in their progress!
  • Will your program be too easy? I love to workout, I just can't workout the same as I did when I was younger.
    Our programs are designed to help you achieve the strength and power you've loved in the past, but using a method that adapts with your every changing body and lifestyle. No two clients need the same exact thing to help them stay strong...and we focus on providing a solution for everyone's personalized goals.
  • I’m new or returning to exercise. Are your small group sessions good for me?
    Yes! However we recommend you start with our Introductory Private Package. We have found better success when clients who are new get some one on one attention so the coaches know how best to help them in a group session. These private sessions help us get to know your goals and any injuries or preferences so we can be sure we can progress you in a pace that's right for you. Also, many of our classes are small in size so they ensure we can coach you individually.
  • I'm recovering from an injury or medical condition. Are you the same as Physical Therapy?
    While Pilates offers plenty of ways to restore healthy movement back to your body, you will need to be cleared by your physical therapist and/or doctor to participate in general exercise before starting with us. Once cleared, you will begin with 1-on-1 Private sessions. If you wish to do group training, you will need to be cleared by your trainer to move into a group. This helps us be sure you are getting the exact exercises you need to get stronger and reduce risk of re-injury.
  • Why are you more expensive than other gyms or studios?
    We understand our rates may be a little more expensive than belonging to a gym or big studio. We keep things personal by limiting the number of people in class. This allows us to give you immediate feedback so you feel successful and will want to keep coming back. We also have master teacher level training in various aspects of fitness, allowing us to give you the program that works for many conditions that develop as we get older or are coming back from injury. Not only do we have technical experience, but we have LIFE experience as well. We are on the other side of 50 and understand YOU. We understand where your values and priorities live a highly enjoyable life. You will never be left in the dark or lost in the crowd. This can lead to frustration and eventually, you'll stop maintaining your program. We be sure each client is heard, seen and nurtured.
  • I really like the Live Life Moving philosophy! Do I need to be over 50 years old to train at Live Life Moving?
    Absolutely not! We've created a low-key, low-pressure environment with programming that feels good and will help your body last a long time. Our studio is perfect for ANYONE seeking a less intense approach to fitness than big gyms or trendy studios.
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