In The News – 2018 Health Trends: LLM Sustainable, Low Impact Fitness

Sustainable, progressive health and fitness plans replace trendy high-intensity workouts

IF YOU’VE EVER BEAT YOURSELF up for quitting a hardcore competition or exercise routine, you’re not alone. But the pendulum is swinging towards a more reasonable and balanced approach to long-term health and fitness.

That’s why Aaron Ellis opened Live Life Moving, a fitness and wellness studio replacing quick-fix trends with a customized approach that lets you create programs that fit your lifestyle.

“Fitness marketing and social media makes change look easy, but for most of us, it’s not.” says Ellis. “I listen to understand your unique strengths and barriers, helping you overcome your struggles to make a change.”

LLM helps you move towards fitness at your own pace, starting with a comprehensive coaching session to understand your goals in the areas of fitness, nutrition and well-being. From there, LLM uses habit changing coaching techniques and a combination of classical Pilates, strength-flexibility training and indoor cycling to help you reach your goals.