Workshops for Teachers

Are you ready to take your clients to the next level in  your class room?  Choose from several topics to help you enhance your coaching:

  • Posture Perfect. Techniques for coaching postural awareness in your classes and ways to help your clients connect their minds to their bodies.
  • Coaching using Emotions.  When you take your members through different emotions while they move their bodies, they are able to release negativity and come to a calmer, more confident state.  They also connect to their bodies and YOU more, increasing retention.
  • Technique BOOTCAMPS.  It’s important to be a perfect visual role model to help our participants learn faster in the class room.  Also, the better you know you technique, the better of coach you will be.  Find your strengths and weaknesses and leave with an action plan to get stronger.

Les Mills Initial Certification Trainings and Advanced Instructor Modules.

Please contact Les Mills to book Aaron for Les Mills specific trainings in BODYPUMP®


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