Authentic Pilates Training

At the foundation of Live Life Moving’s exercise programming is the Pilates method, also known as “Contrology”.
Joseph Pilates created a method of exercise to train the body to breathe, control and be balanced. We use all of the equipment he created to train your body in different ways depending on your needs.

The Pilates method will:

Develop the Body UNIFORMLY – Exercise should balance the body by combining elements of stretch, strength, stamina and stability in every workout and exercises.

Correct Wrong Postures – the exercises and equipment used are brilliantly designed to address postural imbalances and increase spine health.

Improve Breathing – Each exercise helps facilitate improved breathing.
Invigorate and Engage the Mind – By teaching attention to precision of movement and control, the mind is engaged in movement which can help improve brain function, improve coordination and enhance body awareness.

Elevate the Spirit – Through practicing his method and mastering these techniques, we achieve, as he put it “a zest for life”!
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