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Fitness management software
Personal trainer for seniors using classical Pilates, functional strength training and indoor cycling.  Fall Prevention and balance training.
Aaron Ellis, Owner and Coach

Are Intimidating – Painful Workouts Keeping You from an Active, Happy Life?

No More!

Here’s our Feel-Good and Science-based Workout Promise:

You can build strength and be able to lift heavy objects, including having fun with your grandchildren.
Have the balance to enjoy time at the beach without fear of falling down.
You can have stamina!  Increase your endurance and stamina.  You'll learn to breath better.
Maintain mental focus, increase brain health to help prevent dementia and use neuroplasticity.

You can be fit for a long, active life and keep the lifestyle you love!

Our science-based workouts combine classical Pilates and Functional Strength Training.
Efficient, effective training that doesn’t “beat you up”!

  • Prevent Falls
  • Increase Your Freedom of Movement
  • Enjoy the Active Life You’ve Worked For

Start today with a free consultation with me, Aaron Ellis, owner and coach, at the St. Petersburg, Florida location. Either in person or virtually.
Get results with as little as 2 “feel-good” sessions per week!

Aaron Ellis, Owner and Coach
Fitness management software