Kelly Duddy

As a lover of movement and healthy living, Kelly enjoys sharing her passion for Pilates and its amazing benefits. Kelly fell in love with how the practice helped her body move with ease, strength and grace. “Pilates feels elegant and the mind-body connection has given me greater awareness of how my body functions in every day life.” Through her own practice, she has experienced the transforming potential Pilates can provide for posture, muscle tone, flexibility, energy and balance.

Kelly began teaching Pilates in 2011 after receiving her comprehensive certification from the PhysicalMind Institute in New York City. Her teaching style is fun, flowing and challenging. Her goal as an instructor is to make clients stronger both mentally and physically, so they look and feel their absolute best. Kelly was also certified as a personal trainer in 2010 through NASM.

Kelly holds three college degrees and enjoys learning, traveling and trying new things every chance she gets. In her free time, Kelly loves being with her husband and three furry children. She is also an avid runner, yogi and outdoor adventurer.