How Pilates Equipment Training Helps You Improve Mobility, Balance and Posture

Most clients who come to us haven’t exercised for a while due to injury or just not begin able to find a program that doesn’t cause pain.

We help you start moving again without pain through the use of special equipment that supports your body while you get more mobile and stronger in our core. It’s the original equipment invented by Joseph Pilates just for this purpose! These short videos help you understand how our personal trainers will help you.

Move with Less Joint and Back Pain using the Reformer.

Learn how the Reformer teaches you how to maintain alignment while moving from your center. These movements help hip, knee and ankle mobility as well!

Improve your Walking with the Leg Springs

Safely work on strengthening your legs and stretching your hips for better walking patterns.

Fix Rounded Shoulders with the Arm Chair

This lesser known piece of equipment works so efficiently to help you sit up straight and strengthen all of your postural muscles.

Improve your Balance; Prevent Falls with the High Chair.

Using the support of handles to hold on and springs to support your feet, learn how to balance on one leg!

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