A Health and Wellness Plan you can finally feel great about!

It’s about keeping you engaged in your life.

Are you feeling discouraged trying to use wellness plans, diets, workout regimes that don’t fit into your lifestyle and that, worst of all, you don’t enjoy?

Using the most current research in behavior change, get help achieving your health and wellness goals. We work together on establishing goals that are REALISTIC for your lifestyle AND help overcome barriers to achieving change.


Ultimately, my goal is to empower you to gradually make the transition towards this healthy lifestyle change the same way I learned to. (more on my life experience here.), with patience and acceptance of where you are right now so that you can move forward while finding the joy in life every step of the way. That transition begins with identifying why you are looking to make a change in the first place. And my job is to help you find a WHY that you can commit to. The deeper your commitment to your WHY, the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

Goal setting is no easy task but much more attainable when someone helps you discover your confidence (self-efficacy) to achieve them. Live Life Moving is a unique and authentic approach to embracing change at your own pace.

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