Health Coaching Resources

We use these tools to help you create healthy habits that make sense with your life.

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For Your First Session:

Lifestyle Questionnaire

The lifestyle questionnaire is a great start to helping your coach understand your goals, your history and your current health.

Fill Out the Lifestyle Questionnaire

You information is sent directly to Aaron.

Core Values Assessment

Knowing your current core values helps you and your coach create goals that have more meaning to you.  Be honest with your answers in this assessment! No need to try to paint a picture of where you think your life SHOULD or worse, what you think others think it should be!  You’ll find that the things you spend the most time with can help you create healthier habits! There is no cost to take this assessment from renowned behavior change expert, Dr. John Demartini

Take the Core Values Assessment

IMPORTANT! Please save or print out the final results PDF to review at your session!