Group Workout but Not…

Research shows that exercise and social interaction have a direct impact on longevity, which shouldn’t be too surprising. We are social animals after all and some things are just more fun when done in a group. People who work out together tend to stick with it, they feel better about themselves and, with positive support from the group, they tend to get better results. Working with people who have common goals creates a real sense of community.

But group classes can have a negative side. Breaking into an established class can be tough and beginners may not get the attention and encouragement they need.

Big box gyms offer group classes with an “all you can eat buffet” attitude toward group training which keeps enrollment numbers up but doesn’t really help clients reach their goals. Individual clients have specific needs and doing the same thing at the same time as everyone else doesn’t lead to good individual outcomes. For some clients taking classes can be harmful, but commercial gyms can’t afford to council every member, even though attention and care should be the basis of any fitness plan.

At Live Life Moving we’re dedicated to real fitness for everyone, regardless of age, or fitness level. We bring our personal training mindset to everything we do and that includes our group training. We’ll never modify an exercise for the convenience of the class. Instead, a Live Life Moving group session keeps the focus on the individual, every client follows their own prescribed workout.

By blending the best aspects of private coaching and group workout we found one more thing you won’t find in a dreary commercial gym – fun. We found fun. And why not? if you’re committed to making significant change in your life, you may as well have a good time along the way. Join us for group training in Pilates, strength training and Spin.

Work with us to increase your strength, balance and flexibility in classes focused on success and tailored to building social connections. Call us or visit us on the web to find out more about group training that you can love.

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