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Indoor Cycling in Live Life Moving’s small group setting ensures you cycle smart and effectively.  Great music keeps it fun and motivating. Great coaching using our onboard computers helps you find your power  and keeps you getting stronger at your own pace, training smarter.

Your Ride is Always Customized to Your Ability and Goals
Our coaches are skilled in using “FTP” or “Functional Threshold Power Zones” as a science-based coaching tool.  Using a baseline power number individual to each rider, we target specific zones to help you get stronger, smarter. 

Cycle Class Descriptions

Power Cycle 45 – Open Level
Our 45 minute power driven class uses short intensity intervals followed by recovery intervals to target your muscle power systems. Ride to great music. Increase your power and stamina by increasing your body’s ability to generate muscular power.

Power Cycle 60 – Open Level
Strengthen your endurance with this 60 minute ride where we focus on steady state training. With the use of your personal app, we keep you in the right training zone to ensure you are working smart.

PowerBASE Cycle (30 min. ride/15 minute strength and stretch)
Work on building your aerobic base, learning proper form and alignment. The workout begins with a 30 minute moderate cycle. We get of of the bike for standing resistance tube work for posture and end with stretches. Great for beginners and those seeking a recovery day workout.

PowerDRILLS Cycle – Experienced Level
Increase your energy and athleticism with this 45 minute class. We start with a 15 minute warm up then begin HIIT training. We always alternate work intervals with adequate recovery intervals to maximize training effect. Training in these zones increases stored cell energy and heart strength. It can also keep your body burning energy well into the day. We recommend adding this class in 1 – 2 times per week maximum, with adequate rest between classes. While you can ride at any level, the class is coached aggressively.

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