COVID-19 Protocols

We are concerned with your safety. We have adopted the following protocols to help stop the spread of COVID-19 while visiting the studio.

Updated January 13.
Due to the Omicron variant surge, all instructors will be masked during sessions until the surge has subsided.

  • Equipment Cleaning. All equipment is cleaned between each use.
  • Instructor Vaccination. All our instructors are fully vaccinated and boosted.
  • Social Distancing. Because we are a small group/private training studio, we can easily social distance between clients and instructors. We are sensitive to keeping space around each client.
  • Mask Wearing. While we do not require masks, we encourage each client to make a choice regarding their comfort level. Our instructors will wear a mask upon request.
  • Zoom Sessions. We highly recommend any client needing to quarantine or that feels safer at home to participate in their private or small group sessions via Zoom. We want you to stay consistent with your program while feeling safe!

As situations/surges develop, we are in constant communication with our clients on what they need to feel comfortable and safe.