Integrated Personal Fitness Training

"Personal Training Success Lorraine!Get progressive results with integrative fitness training at Live LIFE Moving!

Focusing on long-lasting strength and healthy functional movement, integrative fitness training combines the classcial Pilates and stability-based weight training for a progressive workout unlike any other.

Stability, Stretch, Strength and Stamina
Joseph Pilates created equipment and exercises that were uniquely designed to strengthen your core, improve your postural alignment, help your balance and increase your all-over strength and flexibility.  At Live LIFE Moving, we use the National Academy of Sports Medicine OPT personal training design and combine it with the brilliance of Joseph Pilates’ method to ensure you get a well-rounded, progressive workout that helps you get strong at your own pace.
Phase-based Progressive Training
We use a phase based model for all clients.  After an initial assessment, clients are taken through a phase-based training model to ensure their bodies get stable and strong so they may progress without injury and with success.
All training programs consist of two major parts.
  1. Pilates-based Stability and Mobility Training
    Using Pilates equipement and exercises we:

    1. Warm Up for mind and body
    2. Core exercise for the front and back side of the body
    3. Balance Training
  2. Functional Training Circuit
    Exercises chosen based on the customized needs of the client to

    1. Strengthen Major Muscle Groups
    2. Increase stamina for everyday activities by using interval training


Customized Training Available in Private or Small Group Sessions

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