Cycle Links

45 Base (moderate intensity) http://intelligent-cycling.com/program?programid=21887 http://intelligent-cycling.com/program?programid=22117 45 Power Intervals Heroes http://intelligent-cycling.com/program?programid=22117 Broken Heels http://intelligent-cycling.com/program?programid=21806 Dance Monkey http://intelligent-cycling.com/program?programid=21144 Wild HIIT Intervals http://intelligent-cycling.com/program?programid=20737 Bleed American http://intelligent-cycling.com/program?programid=19871

2019 Holiday Gifts

Holiday Offers and Class Packages For a limited time during the 2019 holiday season (November 26 – December 24), LiveLifeMoving is offering specially priced gift packages. Clients that purchase a gift package for a friend or loved one who is not...

The Pilates Principles – Breathing

Of all of the 6 principles of Pilates, Breathing sits at the foundation and is our most essential pursuit when practicing Pilates. Joseph Pilates recognized the importance of proper breathing for optimal well-being – body, mind and spirit.  The act...