3 Foundations for a Healthy Life After 50

Over the past 3 years, I’ve changed.  That transition from my 40’s to 50’s has been uncomfortable, challenging but most of all…..a RELIEF.

My pursuit of wellness has transitioned from mainly EXTERNALLY driven goals like:

  • making an impression with my physical image
  • seeking instant accolades for performance
  • attempting to position my status with my accomplishments

to goals that are INTERNALLY driven:

  • moving my body well and without pain
  • seeking peace and simplicity
  • experiences that align with my passions
  • enjoying sincere relationships

Overall…..creating long last changes which align with my deepest values.

My clients, my teachers!
As I’ve worked with my clients, they too seem to be going through the same transitions…not just age-based transitions but also transitioning their values from being career driven to quality-of-life driven. We all have supported each other as it’s an odd feeling to let go of old motivators and focus on new ones.

Keeping things simple has helped.  Right now, I’m focusing on 3 basic foundations for a healthy life…and not to be too cliche…it really is about the BODY, the MIND, and the SPIRIT!

The 3 Foundations of a Healthy Lifestyle


For a Healthy BODY – Learn to breathe correctly.

Learn to breathe correctlyWhen you breathe correctly, the muscles in your core work efficiently, providing a strong foundation for all movement. Correct breathing requires complete balance of the postural muscles – overactive or tight muscles in the neck and traps have to relax in order for the rib cage to be able to move.  This allows the breathing muscles to get strengthened.  I’ve noticed a huge difference in my mobility and strength since I started focus on being sure I could fully breathe in my exercises. It also makes exercise feel better too! Check out this video on proper breathing!


For a Healthy MIND: Learn to detach from thoughts and feelings.

We try to be healthy, but our feelings can take over and enforce not-so-healthy habits. For example, when I try losing weight, my diet is usually the number one area for improvement. Often times, I’ve handle my emotions by eating more!  When I began to practice mindfulness, I started to understand how to detach from thoughts and feelings. So, when I became anxious and felt the urge to have that extra snack, I was able to stop and and make a decision based on my goals, rather than my feelings.

When we have a calm mind, we are able to make choices that support our core values!   Take the LLM Mindfulness 101 course to learn how to begin to detach.


For a Healthy SPIRIT – Learn to be of service to others.

Be of Service to OthersSelf-care is popular these days…touted as a way to stay spiritually fit and reduce anxiety.

While it is VERY important to spend time taking care of your mental and physical health so you CAN be useful to others, I’ve personally found when I step outside of my ego and be of service to others, I have a greater sense of peace and well-being.

When I have connected to others and let go of my ego, I gain perspective. I get out of my crazy head and contribute to a larger purpose. I’ve done this by offering help without expectation, but also by simply creating a positive and supportive mindset towards others.   You may find it difficult at first to do this, maybe even feel in-authentic, but the more you practice the more it becomes simply who. you. are.

2 thoughts on “3 Foundations for a Healthy Life After 50

  1. Simple truths that will set you free. Thank you for the message on focusing on what is really important. A connection to realistic goals and the release of unnecessary thoughts and motivations around fitness and aging resonated with me. Alignment with your passions and fostering sincere relationships has been rewarding for me in recent years and agree that this focus blesses you in many ways.

    Being true to your authentic self is the path to choose!


    Compassionate creator maximizing life’s opportunities and helping others do the same

    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave a message, Gene. It’s great to hear this resonated with you!

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