Group Class Descriptions

Group Training…but not!

At Live Life Moving, you get the fun and social aspect of a group class with attention to your individual needs.

If you are new to the studio, please contact us to schedule an initial consultation some we can set up a plan that’s right for you.

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Class Descriptions

Cycle 30/Strength
A great class for those new to cycling. 30 minutes of low impact cardio on the bike followed by 25 minutes of balance, upper body and core training off of the bike. A great all-in-one workout!

Cycle HIIT/Stretch
For people who like challenge and fast results, this class starts with a 30 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) ride where we challenge your athletic power and increase fat burning.  The class ends with stretching and short mindfullness practice to restore and refocus.

Cycle 45
Get a great calorie burn while having fun with great music. Increase your endurance and stamina with this 45 minute interval based longer ride followed by stretch and relaxation.

Personalized Strength Training
A combination of stability/mobility training and strength training customized to the individual client.   Initial private coaching session required before beginning this class so that we can prescribe the appropriate exercises for your enjoyment and your body.

When your body and your mind need a re-boot, this is the class to come to.  Simple stretching, foam roller and trigger point techniques are used to release your muscles so you can keep moving.  Practical mindfulness techniques are practice at the end to learn to quiet your monkey brain so you can keep focused and happy.








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