Cycling Classes


Indoor Cycling in Live Life Moving’s small group setting ensures you can get all of the benefits of a great indoor cycling workout.

We use the most current Keiser M3i bluetooth-enabled bikes to help us coach you towards the ride that fits YOU!

Great music keeps it fun and motivating. Great coaching using our onboard computers helps you find your power  and keeps you getting stronger at your own pace, training smarter.

Traditional Cycle Classes

Cycle 45
Get a great calorie burn while having fun with great music. Increase your endurance and stamina with this 45 minute interval based ride.

Cycle 60
Challenge your endurance and burn more calories with this 60 minute ride where we focus on sustaining moderate to moderately challenging work for an hour.

Specialty Cycle/Pilates Combo Classes

These special classes combine exercises on the Pilates Equipment and a 25 minute ride.  The Pilates work helps the rider connect to their powerhouse(core) for postural stability and proper breathing.  Both translate into a more powerful ride!

*Great for Beginners* LLM Essentials
This class is great for those new to exercise.  The first part of the class utilizes the Pilates Tower apparatus to practice basic Pilates exercises, supporting the body to progressively work on mobility, core strength and breath.  The second part of class is a low to moderate intensity indoor cycle workout where you are able to easily learn the basics of a cycling class while working on your cardio-vascular health.


*Great for Power Cyclists* LLM Cycle + Pilates Tower
Amp up the power in your ride with this combination of challenging Pilates Tower work and a HIIT Cycle.  Clients say that starting with Pilates helps them get higher wattage on the bike by being more connected to their powerhouse!


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