3 Foundations for a Healthy Life After 50

Over the past 3 years, I’ve changed.  That transition from my 40’s to 50’s has been uncomfortable, challenging but most of all…..a RELIEF. My pursuit of wellness has transitioned from mainly EXTERNALLY driven goals like: making an impression with my physical image seeking instant accolades for performance attempting to position my status with my accomplishments […]

Your Daily 5 Breaths

Correct breathing is the key to getting better results in your workouts — without killing yourself. Correct breathing is part of the work we focus on in all of the workouts at Live Life Moving. When you are able to breathe FULLY, your body naturally stabilizes itself so you can work with better range and […]

3 Ways to Get Fit and Feel Fit by Memorial Day!

I know! You had really good intentions of getting summer fit back in January…then in April you realized you only had 2 months until the beach, BBQ’s and pool parties…and now, you are looking at 3 weeks until Memorial Day and you still haven’t met that goal! You don’t even think you can get the […]

Pilates Immersion Workshop Series

Engage your mind as well as you body by learning the history and details of the Pilates method.  These hands on workshop provide a way for you to understand each exercise and apparatus so you can bring more to your practice. One Workshop – $69 Save 10% Buy All Three Workshops – $180

Preparing for Your New Year Resolutions: Part 1- 3 Questions to Add Meaning to your Goals

This year, finally accomplish your resolutions by making them meaningful and relevant to your life. Finding Your Unique Reason “Why” You are bombarded daily…HOURLY… with fitness and health tips from internet experts and Instagram fitness rock stars.  They tell you in order to be “THAT HEALTHY PERSON”, You have to follow an intense program of […]

How To Create Healthy Habits: The Cycle of Habit Change

You know you need to change your habits to healthy ones in order to maintain a happy and healthy Life….but you’re faced with any of these popular scenarios *You start a popular diet plan but are miserable and can’t stick with it. *You try to lose weight the way that worked 5 years ago,but its […]

Group Workout but Not…

Research shows that exercise and social interaction have a direct impact on longevity, which shouldn’t be too surprising. We are social animals after all and some things are just more fun when done in a group. People who work out together tend to stick with it, they feel better about themselves and, with positive support […]

What’s the Worst That Could Happen? Weighing Your Options Toward Habit Change

You’re starting to weigh your options regarding a habit change; take a second to reflect a little. Why do you want to change said habit? There are dozens, if not hundreds, of reasons that may come to mind. Visualize Your New Life Now, imagine accomplishing your goal. What would your life look like if this […]

Re-Engage Your Resolutions – Make Your Goals Specific and Do-able.

Changing habits is hard. I taught group fitness classes every day for 10 years. My “workout” for my job was at least 90 minutes per day. With that level of activity, if I wanted to lose a little weight, I only had to tweak my diet to see big results. When I stopped teaching group […]

5 Things Fitness Instructors Can Do in Class to Help the New Participant!

It’s almost January! Time for a new and returning crop of participants to flood your classes.  They are all armed with great intentions and ready to GIVE IT THEIR ALL, panicking about the impending beach season or simply determined to finally make fitness a part of their lives. But, let’s face it, statistics are not good. […]